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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

ThunderGod - High Res version

Here is a higher resolution render of my latest finished project. The idea behind this artwork was to try and show the awesome power of nature. Back in 2014 there was a competition on, and the theme was "Nature's Fury"... I remember thinking  that I was "definitely going to take part in this", but unfortunately I got so busy during that time with another project, that when I returned a few weeks later I found the competition had already closed.

Now, with the new year and all, I decided to restart my "Nature's Fury" project as if I was taking part in the original competition. I started a "Work in Progress" thread on, and thanks to the awesome input from the community (particularly from a guy named cgstrive) I was able to complete the project and render out a high-ish resolution final render. I hope this artwork makes you feel warm-and-fuzzy inside when you look at it. Enjoy! :-)
(click on the image to enlarge, or right-click and download to view it full-screen on your computer/tablet/whatever)

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