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Monday, 2 June 2014

Taking my Digital Art to the Next Level

Hello all,

I recently bought me a graphics tablet! Up till now, all the digital
artworks on this blog were created using a simple mouse and keyboard, (I think I
even used an old trackball mouse in some of the earlier artworks.)

Anyway, for several years I relied on a mouse to produce my art, and for most of
that time I didn't think I'd ever have a need for anything better... but some time ago
I had the opportunity to try out a real 'Pen Tablet', and it was a very cool experience.

I instantly had ten times more control over every brush-stroke and gesture, and it also
felt much more natural and comfortable. Ever since then I have been thinking about
getting one for myself, and a few days ago I finally got me a
Wacom Intuos 5 pro medium pen & touch tablet (I've attached a picture of it)...
all I can say is that its awesome! Check out this review to get a better idea of what it
can do.

It's capable of doing things no mouse can do, and I could kick myself for not getting one
earlier. Obviously it takes some time to get used to, but I'm already pretty comfortable
with most of the functions, and I'm creating stuff I would have a pretty hard time
doing with a mouse. Check out the below pics.

So I'm hoping my art will benefit from this awesome new addition to my toolset,
and I'm really excited (a bit overwhelmed actually) at all the new possibilities. :D

cheers and stay cool,

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